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Warranty - Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Qian will guarantee its products in all its components and workmanship for a period of 12 months, counting from the date of purchase against any manufacturing and operating defect during normal and domestic use.

Qian guarantees the buyer the absence of any manufacturing and operation anomalies, including parts, components or materials of the product.

1. This policy covers only products marketed by Qian, through its authorized distributors within the United States.

2. This warranty must be presented with the defective product in order to be valid, completely filled out and stamped by the distributor that made the sale, invoice or receipt, or proof of purchase in the place where it was bought or the National Service Center.

3. Qian may use new, refurbished or used parts that are in good condition to repair or replace any product, at no additional cost to the consumer, as long as the warranty period specified in this policy has not been completed.

4. If the product is not repairable, it will be exchanged for a similar product or with superior characteristics.

5. The time for repair will not exceed 30 natural days from the date the product was received by Qian or its Authorized Service Center.

6. Qian will cover shipping costs required for presentation of the product within the network of our Authorized Service Centers.


Qian will not validate this warranty policy in the following cases:

• When the product has not been used under normal conditions.

• When the product has not been operated according to the instructions that were included.

• When the product has been altered or repaired by any unauthorized Qian personnel.

Visit www.getttech.us for warranty purposes, as well as purchase of components, consumable parts and accessories or contact any Qiano Authorized Service Center.

Qian Authorized Service Center Warranty José Guadalupe Gallo 8490 A, Agua Blanca Industrial Zapopan, Jalisco CP45235, México. +(33) 1078-3404


Authorized Service Center for Components, Consumables and Accessories Qian

José Guadalupe Gallo 8490 A, Agua Blanca Industrial Zapopan, Jalisco CP45235, México. +(33) 1078-3404

In case your product presents a manufacturing defect, make sure you have the purchase ticket at hand, if it is within the first 15 calendar days, go to the place where you bought it to validate DOA (Defective on Arrival) guarantee.

When more than 15 days have elapsed from the date of purchase and it presented a failure, qian.solutions will cover the shipping costs of the product, as long as the RMA is authorized within the
warranty period.

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